Alexandria Easter, ND (63K)

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Beyond the removal of disease, the goal of health care should include moving the patient towards wellness and vitality

Dr. Alexandria Easter

Trained as a primary care physician, Dr. Easter currently practices family medicine in Issaquah, Washington. Dr. Easter treats many conditions for all ages including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, eczema, depression, digestive disorders, and many others. Her goal as a physician is to create a treatment plan that is unique to you, is attainable, and improves your quality of life. As the patient, only you know what represents a higher quality of life.

Dr. Easter's role is to understand the medical process and to inform the patient of the risks and benefits of both conventional and alternative medical treatments. Together the patient and the physician decide on the most appropriate treatment and level of intervention. Naturopathic medicine encourages the use of herbal therapy, vitamin or dietary therapy, physical therapy, and lifestyle modification, however, higher interventions such as pharmaceuticals or surgery may also be considered if indicated. With all aspects of the patient's life considered, Dr. Easter designs a unique treatment plan for the individual. Please call for an appointment to move you towards greater health and a higher quality of life.