Alexandria Easter, ND (63K)

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Modern medicine is quick and convenient but in search of the 'magic bullet' we have lost sight of quality of life. Hundreds of drugs are available for a variety of symptoms but focus little on the underlying issues producing the symptoms or the prevention of disease. Chronic disease in particular, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease, is treated with medications that in time become less effective and may produce unwanted side effects, resulting in a reduced quality of life. Naturopathic medicine focuses on the source of the symptoms and the prevention of disease. Your doctor should help you move away from disease and towards health, not simply mask symptoms.

Dr. Easter believes there is a time and a place for potent pharmaceuticals and high level interventions but feels these interventions should be saved for when the benefits out weigh the risks. Dr. Easter's philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine is to treat each patient as an individual, to increase patients' quality of life, and to provide the education and resources to allow a patient to make individual decisions to take control of their health. Dr. Easter is passionate about Naturopathic medicine, which strives to restore balance back to the body by removing obstacles to cure and promoting healthy life choices.